From Nostalgia to Innovation: Shaping the Future of Furniture Design with Formica® Laminate

From Nostalgia to Innovation: Shaping the Future of Furniture Design with Formica® Laminate

At Formica Group, we are continually inspired by the innovative ways designers utilise our laminates to push the boundaries of creativity and functionality. One such example is Gergely Kovacs, a talented furniture designer from Sweden.

Gergely Kovacs 1 825x550

1220x2440 Chairs by Gergely Kovacs; Formica Laminate in F4155 Sun and F5343 Possum

Gergely's journey from art and design history to hands-on furniture creation showcases a profound understanding of materials and their potential. We had the opportunity to sit down with Gergely and discuss his work, his inspiration, and how Formica® Laminate plays a pivotal role in his creative process.

From History to Hands-On Craftsmanship

Gergely’s educational journey began in the UK, where he studied art, design, and architecture history. His passion for understanding the evolution of design eventually led him to Sweden, where he immersed himself in the world of furniture design. Transitioning from theoretical studies to practical creation was a transformative experience, and his fascination with sheet materials and their historical significance in design naturally drew him to Formica Laminate. “Formica Laminate, with its range of finishes and durability, perfectly aligns with my vision of creating functional and long-lasting furniture that resonates with our modern sensibilities,” he explained.

Gergely Kovacs 2 825x550

Children’s Furniture Set by Gergely Kovacs with inlaid ceramic tiles by Adam Higton; Formica Laminate in F1531 Irish Cream, F0903 Café and F2253 Diamond Black

Constructivist Inspirations and Material Depth

Inspired by Constructivism, Gergely views objects as compositions assembled from both conceptual and material elements. He finds that Formica laminate surfaces fit perfectly within his design philosophy. “The laminate sheets do not simply resemble a depthless plane. They are matter. They might only be millimetres thick, but experientially can be deep,” he noted. By arranging geometric shapes and linear vectors, he creates a complex spatial dimension where simple shapes seem to advance or retreat, engaging the viewer in a dynamic visual experience.

Gergely Kovacs 3 825x550

Kambium Bench by Gergely Kovacs; Formica Laminate in F1531 Irish Cream, F2253 Diamond Black, F5343 Possum, F4161 Terracotta and F0903 Cafe

A Fusion of Nostalgia and Modernity

One of Gergely’s favourite projects involved repurposing a ‘70s table tennis net found in his workshop’s basement. He saw Formica laminate as the perfect medium to replicate the vintage feel while infusing a modern aesthetic. The result was a unique chair with a net backrest and laminated plywood surfaces mimicking the look of vintage sports equipment. This project exemplifies the versatility of Formica Laminate, seamlessly blending nostalgia with contemporary design.

Gergely Kovacs 4 825x550

Referee Chair by Gergely Kovacs; Formica Laminate in F2478 Bermuda

Pushing Creative Boundaries

Formica Laminate has significantly influenced Gergely’s creative process and overall aesthetic. The material's versatility and vast range encourage him to explore new design possibilities. “The material’s adaptability has allowed me to create furniture that is not only practical but also aligns with contemporary user needs as we work towards a more sustainable material future,” Gergely remarked. By leveraging the potential of Formica Laminate, he continuously pushes the boundaries of design, creating innovative and functional pieces.

Gergely Kovacs 5 825x550

Sonny Mirrors by Gergely Kovacs; Formica Laminate in F2253 Diamond Black, F5343 Possum and F6363 Elemental Ash

Advice for Aspiring Designers

Gergely’s advice to other students and aspiring designers is to embrace the versatility of Formica Laminate and experiment with its various finishes and applications. “Just get stuck in and start by understanding the specific qualities and characteristics of the laminate so you then can think creatively about how it can be part of your design,” he encouraged. 

Gergely Kovacs’s work shows the endless possibilities that Formica Laminate offers. His innovative approach and creative use of our laminates highlight their versatility and appeal to the younger generation of designers. At Formica Group, we are proud to support and inspire designers like Gergely, who continue to redefine the boundaries of design and functionality with our materials.

Gergely Kovacs 6 825x550

Simon Chair by Gergely Kovacs; Formica Laminate in F8820 Leaf Green

Get inspired by Formica® Laminate Collection and order your free samples. You can also view more of Gergely Kovacs’s projects here.

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