Custom Formica Aria® Worktops for a New Residential Building in London

Axion House 1900x650

Custom Formica Aria® Worktops for a New Residential Building in London

Brief: Bespoke kitchen worktops and upstands for a residential building
Developer: London Square
Decors used: Formica Aria in Ice Quarstone and Jet Sequoia
Date completed: June 2024

The new residential development in Lewisham, London, now boasts over 140 apartments featuring bespoke kitchen worktops, upstands and splashbacks from the Formica Aria® collection. This significant project by Formica Group demonstrates the elegance and functionality of our Contract Kitchen Worktops solutions.

The Contract Kitchen Worktops service offers a seamless experience from design to delivery. For the Axion House project, Formica Aria worktops were selected in 12mm Ice Quarstone and Jet Sequoia (custom-made) decors, particularly chosen for their sophisticated appearance and robust durability. These surfaces not only enhance the visual appeal of each kitchen but also offer exceptional resilience, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

Axion House is a prime example of sustainable urban development, transforming an industrial site into a lively community. The development's 9- and 16-storey towers are distinguished by a remarkable 3.5m cantilever entrance, adding to its architectural appeal.

Formica Group's participation in the Axion House project highlights our commitment to innovation and quality. By setting a new standard for residential kitchen design, Formica Group continues to lead the way in creating sophisticated and functional living spaces.

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