Colors, Patterns and Woodgrains: So Many Formica® Laminate Looks to Love

Colors, Patterns and Woodgrains: So Many Formica® Laminate Looks to Love

With hundreds of décors, the Formica® High Pressure Laminate Collection offers inspiration in spades.

fractured marble

The Enduring Style and Versatility of Formica® Laminate

High pressure laminate (HPL) by Formica Group has been a design mainstay for decades due to its trademark combination of beauty and durability. In fact, high pressure laminate is often the go-to surfacing choice of homeowners and designers looking to elevate a wide range of interior spaces — think kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, laundry rooms and offices.

From cabinetry and countertops to feature walls and tabletops, Formica® laminate is the trusted name in surfacing. Here’s a look at the colors, patterns and woodgrains ready to define your next project.

8793 ML Green Slate monolith 920x600

Green Slate Formica® laminate countertop with the Monolith texture.

Solid Colors

Earth tones? Check. Bold shades? Check. Coordinating neutrals? You get the picture! There are dozens of eye-catching Formica® laminate solid colors to peruse when you need just the right hue. You can also incorporate a tactile element with the Monolith texture, which adds the appearance of leather and elevates any basic solid into designer realms.

Explore the full range of 50+ Formica® laminate solid colors.

breccia mojave

Breccia Mojave Formica® laminate countertop


From designs that capture the natural beauty of granite and marble to custom motifs like Foliage and Sugar Glass, the Formica® laminate range of patterns spans more than 150 options. No doubt one of these décors will strike your fancy.

Explore 150+ Formica® laminate stone looks and patterns.

luxe mango

Luxe Mango Formica® laminate table


Woodgrain laminate is ideal for those interested in the look of real wood without the maintenance and price tag. The Formica® Woodgrain Laminate Collection features diverse choices across the color spectrum. This includes light Scandi looks as well as moodier options, all of which can be finished with different textures to enhance realism.

Explore 20+ Formica® woodgrain laminates.


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