9685 58 Black Recycled Craft

SurfaceSet® 2020 by Formica Corporation

Unearthing a new generation of creative possibilities

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The Collection

Uncovering the overlap between natural, human and digital aspects, the SurfaceSet® 2020 collection includes 30 usable Formica® Laminate colors, patterns and woodgrain designs and two new textures. 

Introducing SurfaceSet 2020
The lines between humanity and technology are blurring, yet nature remains a grounding factor. It’s this “blurred lines” theme that serves as the basis for SurfaceSet® 2020, a collection of new woodgrains, solids and patterned Formica® Laminate designs to help interior designers and architects create beautiful and functional commercial spaces.
7412 58 Planked Raw Oak

Bringing Fresh Healthcare Designs to Life

SurfaceSet® 2020 delivers the functionality healthcare clients need with lasting beauty

7872 PX Moonstone

Our Textures

Create the perfect look with an array of textures.

9685 58 Black Recycled Kraft 780 Luna Stone 8243 58 Night Shade

Recycled Content

Products made from industrial waste.

The Themes

The three dynamic SurfaceSet® 2020 collection themes overlap between natural, human and technological aspects.

4924 NG Greige Softwood 9511 58 Layered Sand

No Boundaries

A return to nature. Raw elements honor authentic materials and bring the “outside in” to offer familiarity with a hint of exploratory wonder.

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4973 PA Orange Felt

Engineered Design

Clever and considered. Tactical textures and saturated colors combine for technical precision that is synthetic but always grounded.

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8243 AN Night Shade 4925 NG Walnut Softwood


A sensory approach to a digital world. Inviting ethereal colors and soft grains are infused with natural and technological facets to delight the senses. 

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