House plant M8547 Oxibronze DecoMetal

The 2019 Formica® Specialty Collection

Innovative new surfaces for commercial spaces that draw the eye.

The 2019 Formica® Specialty Collection presents sleek edges, striking metals and soft textures to bring your unique designs to life. Discover stunning new DecoMetal® Metal Laminate colors and patterns and a large expansion to our ColorCore2® Laminate line. Then, explore two entirely new collections—Formica Infiniti® ColorCore®2 and ColorCore®2 Compact—that combine the best qualities of our most sought-after surfaces.

Desk corner and cellphone 7223 New White Formica Infiniti ColorCore2

New for ColorCore®2 Laminate

The versatile ColorCore®2 range now includes Formica Infiniti® ColorCore®2 and ColorCore®2 Compact to create spaces without the dark brown edge typically seen with laminate.
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Game room pool table wall M8547 Oxibronze DecoMetal

New for DecoMetal® Laminate

Introducing six new DecoMetal® designs in striking metallic colors and patterns, including large-scale geometric, organic and matte finish looks that add dramatic elements.
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