Top Designers Imagine the Diner of the Future with Formica® Products

Formica Diner interior

Top Designers Imagine the Diner of the Future with Formica® Products

We partnered with top designers to imagine what the diner of the future could look like, alongside their visions for translating these looks to residential spaces.

As a nearly 110-year-old brand, Formica Corporation is fondly associated with the quintessential 1950s diner design. For years, homeowners have translated the '50s diner look to their own homes, both through subtle nostalgic elements and bold installations meant to transport visitors back in time. Today’s Formica® Brand products feature the same quality and durability that made them top picks for commercial spaces then, but with updated, timeless designs that reflect preferences for today and the future.

Explore how these three leading designers reimagined the traditional diner, and how that new look could be implemented in today's residential spaces.

A Nod to Curvilinear, Sustainable Architecture

Noz Nozawa’s terrazzo and warm metallic design embraces new sustainability considerations and nostalgic shapes.

Hospitality and Health at the Forefront

Dan Mazzarini’s traveling diner design brings locally harvested food to diners in a novel way.

Blending Nostalgic Elements and Luxe Design

Vanessa Deleon’s diner concepts evoke familiar colors with an upscale, refined twist.

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