15 unique applications for Formica Infiniti™

Utilize the hard-working beautiful surface found in the technology of Formica Infiniti™. It is a game changer in surfacing with its multi-functional characteristics.

Formica Infiniti™ is a hard-working beautiful surfacing material with cutting-edge technology. It is a game changer in surfacing with its multi-functional characteristics. Here are 15 unique applications to inspire your next design.

1. Medical field

Formica Infiniti™ transforms the headwall in any patient room. This product has antimicrobial surface protection and it is chemical resistant so it can stand up to health care cleaning regimens.  

Extra design inspiration:
Treatment Rooms Nursing Stations

2. Break room tables

The remarkable capabilities of Formica Infiniti surface technology resists fingerprints while showcasing its super matte finish; making it ideal for high traffic areas.  

Extra design inspiration: Staff Lounge casework

3. Serving lines 

Serving lines are common in hospitals, office environments, manufacturing, and education facilities. Formica Infiniti™ with its state-of-the-art functionality makes these spaces more durable and beautiful than ever.

Extra design inspiration: Coffee & water stations

4. Higher education 

Whether it be desk surfaces, storage components, or feature walls, this innovative surface can perform to higher expectations with minimal maintenance required.

Extra design inspiration: Kids play furniture

5. Training areas 

Soft-to-the-touch and visually pleasing, Formica Infiniti™ adds functionality and comfort to any training space.

Extra design inspiration: Open storage shelves

6. Collaboration area 

This gorgeous collaboration space shows how beautiful and functional Formica Infiniti™ can be at the same time.

Extra design inspiration: Workstation Partitions & desks

7. Column wraps 

That’s a wrap! Formica Infiniti™ is post-formable providing design flexibility to any space. 

Extra design inspiration:
Merchandising Fixtures, Fitting Rooms

8. Cafeteria 

Formica Infiniti™ has built-in antimicrobial surface protection, and fingerprint resistance. Use it in a break room, cafeteria, or multipurpose space that sees multiple users in one day.  

Extra design inspiration: Banquettes & chairs

9. Desk surfaces

Schools require a hard-working surface, like Formica Infiniti™, to withstand the demands of the active student population. 

Extra design inspiration: Lockers, Open Storage Shelves

10. Reception area 

From standard cabinetry to unique and beautiful reception desks, Formica Infiniti™ can be used both vertical and horizontal for infinite options.

Extra design inspiration: Reception Desks, Transaction Counters, Filing

11. Restroom vanity 

Because of its many unique attributes, Formica Infiniti™ is ideal for many features in a restroom including vanity counters, walls and toilet partitions.

Extra design inspiration: Entry Doors, Partitions, Walls

12. Bar 

Available in all standard Formica® Brand laminates, many styles and forms can be accommodated.

Extra design inspiration: Breakfast Bar, Nightstands

13. Restaurant tables 

Formica Infiniti™ is chemical resistant and will withstand rigorous cleaning protocols for worry-free maintenance, making it ideal for café tables of any kind.

Extra design inspiration: Dining Tables, Occasional Tables

14. Prep Kitchens 

Formica Infiniti™ with its antimicrobial surface protection makes a great solution for many prep kitchens.  

Extra design inspiration: Restaurant & Drink Stations, Juice Bars

15. Benches

Large scale bench surfaces can be accented with Formica Infiniti™ with its low maintenance and anti-fingerprint properties.

Extra design inspiration: Chairs, Banquettes

Surfacing is better than ever with Formica Infiniti™. Any setting that requires countertops, tables, doors, partitions, cabinets and furniture can utilize the many wonderful attributes of this state-of-the-art technology. Formica Infiniti™ is the next generation in surfacing.

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