DIY: Formica® Writable Surface Picture Frame

Let your home speak for you.

Create a DIY markerboard or chalkboard using Formica® Writable Surfaces. This framed piece of artwork will constantly change and evolve with everyday activity in your space.

Tools and Materials:

  • Frame of your choice: Purchase at craft store or online retailers that specialize in frames.
  • Foam board for backing: This will fit in the frame behind the laminate. It should not be thicker than the frame.
  • Formica® Writable Surfaces of your choice
  • 2-inch wide masking tape
  • Straight edge: Equal or longer than the length of your frame.
  • Permanent marker for layout: Do not use this on the laminate.
  • Utility knife with several extra blades
  • Jig saw or circular saw to cut your laminate
  • Down cut jig saw blades: Most tool retailers stock these.A large work area so the frame can lay flat and have full support.  The area should be clean with somewhere to cut. 

DIY Frame Steps

Extra Tip: Tape on the bottom of the saw will help control scratches if the base of the saw is rough or scratched.

Formica® Brand offers many DIY solutions that will help transform your home. From picture frames, to entire walls, to cabinetry, these tutorials (hyperlink to DIY page) will guide your next makeover.


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