DecoMetal® Laminate Shines in Award-Winning Design by Wright Group Architects

“A complete overhaul.” That’s how Wright Group Architects designer Marlen Zuñiga described what was needed in the remodel of a law firm office building in Dallas.

It wasn’t just that the décor was outdated (with 1970s era wood trim as far as the eye could see); there were functional issues as well. The space wasn’t properly utilized or ADA compliant, and there was water damage on the exterior walls.

“We took it down to the studs,” Zuñiga said. “This project truly gave us the opportunity to start over, changing both the look and the layout of the office building.”

With a clean slate to work with, Zuñiga and team:
- Closed off the two-story lobby to create extra office space on the second floor
- Added new elevators and stairways that were ADA compliant
- Added new electrical and mechanical systems
- Created a fresh, clean look that changed the office vibe from dark and dreary to sleek and contemporary


The new design included exposed ductwork and fixtures that gave the building an industrial feel. But when it came to adding finishing touches and accents, Zuñiga needed a material that would complement the new look.

“I was inspired by the metallic black and blue logo of the law firm, so I sought out materials that could help me create a three dimensional wall while still staying true to the industrial look,” Zuñiga said. “When I found the DecoMetal® Laminates, I knew they were a perfect fit.”

Zuñiga used Brushed Black Aluminum DecoMetal® in the law office lobby to highlight the company’s logo on the wall and the reception desk. She liked the look of the material so much that she added Brushed Aluminum DecoMetal® on the metal stringer for the stairwell to carry the industrial look into the lobby.

The design was recently honored with a silver award in the Muse Design Awards. Congratulations to Zuñiga and the entire team at Wright Group Architects and thank you for including DecoMetal® Laminate in this award-winning design!

Marlen Zuñiga, Wright Group Architects

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