Loop Phone Booth – Onetwosix

Loop Phone Booth – Onetwosix

Onetwosix is an Edmonton based industrial design agency founded in 2015 by Brendan Gallagher and Nick Kazakoff. While they have grown quickly since their inception, the company name Onetwosix is an ode to the early days when Gallagher and Kazakoff were building product prototypes in a garage off of 126th Street in Edmonton, Canada. A key reason for the accelerated growth of Onetwosix is thanks to one of their premier products, Loop Phone Booths.

“As people start to work in and use open office spaces more, they realize there is a huge need for privacy,” Kazakoff said. “Rather than having conference rooms or large board rooms that take up a lot of fixed square footage, companies are looking for solutions like the Loop Phone Booth that are both flexible within your current space yet small enough that they can move with you as you grow.”


The Loop Phone Booth comes in two options, Loop Solo (for individual working) and Loop Cube (for multi-person conferences or meetings). Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll find Formica® Brand Laminate as an integral part of the design.

“In developing the phone booths, we figured out there were some significant advantages to using Formica laminate,” Kazakoff said. “The first is color consistency. Our products are customizable, so our customers can pick and choose from a multitude of Formica laminate color options and design a booth that catered to their interior office space and brand colors.” The other advantages stem from availability and durability. 

“To meet our customers’ expectations, we need to have quick turn times on customized products, so being able to order the color laminate and have it delivered quickly was huge,” Kazakoff said. “The Formica laminate also allows us to offer a high quality product that lasts for an extended period of time like any other commercial office furnishing.”

Build your Loop Phone Booth today, and choose from more than 25 (and growing) laminate options!

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