Recharge with Intentek™ Wireless Charging at Friendship Brewing Company

9480 Salvage Planked Elm Intentek Laminate Friendship Brewery

If you ever find yourself on I-70 west of St. Louis and looking for a place to recharge, you may find that Friendship Brewing Company has just what you need. Founded in 2015 in the rapidly growing community of Wentzille, Friendship Brewing features a very active taproom with seating for 120 and a décor as diverse as its beer list.

“Our building is a 115-year-old, historic renovated structure and nothing matches in our place,” said Brian Nolan, one of the founders of Friendship Brewing. “We’re a little bit weird, on purpose, but we didn’t want to look corporate.”

9480 Salvage Planked Elm Intentek Laminate Friendship Brewery

Weird works well for Friendship Brewing, as it was recently named Missouri’s Great American Beer Bar by and plans are being developed for a second location next year.

With all this success, what would compel Friendship Brewing to break away from the hand-crafted authentic wood tables to bring in a Formica® Laminate surface? 

“Like everyone else in the world, our customers are so connected to their mobile devices – to the point where I added outlets every three feet at the bar,” Nolan said. “When I found out Formica Group offered a wireless charging surface with a seamless design, I wanted to give it a test run.”

9480 Salvage Planked Elm Intentek Laminate Friendship Brewery

And so, Friendship Brewing Company became one of the earliest adopters of Intentek™ Wireless Charging Surface.

“It’s been very popular, especially with the middle and younger demographics,” Nolan said. “The weathered barnwood look fits well, and it’s a much cleaner solution than having everyone’s phone charging wires running from the outlets in the bar.”

While a direct match wasn’t terribly important, Friendship Brewing did take advantage of the fact that Intentek™ Surfaces are available in the full range of Formica® Brand colors and woodgrains and selected Salvage Planked Elm to jive with the motif of the taproom.

9480 Salvage Planked Elm Intentek Laminate Friendship Brewery

And while it’s just on the table top currently, the response has been so positive that Nolan is already thinking of how to integrate the Intentek™ technology into his second location.

“The table applications are great for families and a fair number of business meetings happen there as well,” Nolan explains. “But the bar is where people sit and hang out all day. I’m already working on how to integrate Intentek™ Wireless Charging into the bar top at the second location. It’s a perfect fit.”

Find Your Perfect™ with Intentek™ Wireless Charging Surface.

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