Formica Collection SG 22/23 page 56

DecoMetal® SRM

D2042 SRM Brushed Goldtone


D2022 SRM Brushed Aluminium

 D2022SRM fullsheet 

DH139 SRM Brushed Rosegold


D2126 SRM Bronze Brushed Aluminium


D2052 SRM Brushed Copper Aluminium


DH036 SRM Cross-Brushed Goldtone


DH035 SRM Cross-Brushed Natural


DH094 SRM Satin Steeltone


D4116 SRM Aluminium Crush


D8109 SRM Copper Crush


D1999 SRM Copper Antique


D4691 SRM Copper Stratos Diagonal


D8104 SRM Copper Plain Crush Stipple

D8104SRM fullsheet 

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