SIXiDES (pronounced as “Six Sides”), a renovation technology platform and Formica Singapore, had come together in recognising notable Interior Designers in Singapore. This campaign makes Formica Singapore and SIXiDES the first joint party to honour deserving interior design practitioners on a monthly basis. We hope that these DOTM (Designer of the Month) awards will be well received and valued by inspirational “Design Heroes” in Singapore’s interior design industry.

These design heroes represent the rigor, consistency and pursuit in excellence needed in the interior design scene, changing lives through their passionate endeavour. The recipients of DOTM embody traits of passion, relentlessness and inspiration which is what an ideal version of an interior designer is. Designers selected to receive the accolade will each get a plaque, write-up, a video showcase of their work, and exposure in the SIXiDES’ directory consisting of professional design firms, courtesy of SIXiDES and Formica Singapore.

Established in 2021, SIXiDES is a reno-tech platform that puts the needs of homeowners first when it comes to renovations. The platform is powered by proprietary technologies and systems such as eQuote and Verified ID. Presently focused on design and renovation of high-density buildings, SIXiDES has plans to expand their services to include private apartments and landed properties all while continuing to drive industry innovation and development.

Formica Singapore & SIXiDES are also happy to announce that the DOTM campaign will continue its run in 2023 and we are looking forward to finding the DOTMs of 2023!

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