Ep 1 | In the Kitchen with Daryl Aiden

In this episode, we are delighted to have Daryl Aiden to join us today in Formica Showroom and share his ondeh-ondeh tarts recipe. Daryl Aiden is a Singaporean photographer and content creator who initially gained traction through his whimsical photographs. Join us to learn how to make the delicious ondeh-ondeh tarts and what's most important for him in the kitchen.

Try out Daryl's Ondeh recipe!

400g Flour
70g Icing Sugar
1 tbsp Milk Powder
250g Butter (unsweetened and soften to room temperature)
1 Egg
1 tsp Pandan Essence
1/2 tsp Salt
350g Desiccated Coconut
250g Gula Melaka
1/2 cup of Water

1) Beat the butter, egg, salt and pandan essence until it is light and pale.
2) Add in flour and milk powder and beat on low speed until a dough forms. - Pandan dough
3) Scrape the bowl down with a spatula every now and then to ensure everything is evenly combined.
4) Mix gula melaka with water until sticky. - Gula melaka filling
5) Take a pinch of pandan dough and flatten it out till it's thin and the size of your palm.
6) Take about 20g of gula melaka and roll it into a ball.
7) Place the rolled up gula melaka balls onto the pandan dough and wrap it up.
8) Bake in oven for around 15-20 min at 180 degrees celsius.
9) Once baked, coat it with desiccated coconut.


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