MDJ Kolho


 Matthew Day Jackson, Made by Choice and Formica Group present Kolho, a collection of tables and chairs inspired by the moon.

The collection, titled Kolho, after the Finnish town that first inspired Jackson, comprises of a series of dining tables and chairs juxtaposed with a series of the artist’s well-known, exquisite flower paintings. For the table and chairs, Jackson has designed his own Formica® surface that replicates, to scale, the surface of the moon. He has created the flower paintings using lead, scorched wood and Formica® laminate, evoking Jan Breughel the Elder and Younger’s genre-defining floral works from the 16th and 17th centuries, made during a time of Dutch prosperity, colonial expansion and exploitation. Presented with the artist’s gallery, Hauser & Wirth, the paintings provide a backdrop and foundation for the viewer to engage with the deeper meanings of the Kolho collection.

MDJ Kolho

Launched at Milan Design Week 2019

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MDJ Kolho

The texture of the moon…

The texture of the collection is derived from images taken from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2009. Jackson used the images to create the design and we translated that design into the moon surface texture, named MDJ-Kuu. Kuu being Finnish for Moon.

"The tables and chairs are sculptures that evince dining as theatre. They create a space to share and create stories, with a Formica surface that promises to always wipe clean. In designing this furniture, I was seeking the space between Reason and Chaos: the state of PLAY. This is the space where our human animal shows its greatest self." - Matthew Day Jackson


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