Find Your Perfect with Formica® Brand

Brooklyn College Formica Envision

Bold Surfaces with Formica® Product

Bringing a design to life doesn't have to be boring. It's all about finding the elements that help bring your client's story to life. Applying those bold concepts that cause you step back and say, "Perfect." To help you unlock all of that potential and more, we have a Formica® Product that's perfect for you. Let Formica help you Find Your Perfect. 

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BHDM – Walking the Walk in Commercial Design

Finding a perfect surface for both employees and clients.

Find Your Perfect at Maglia Rosa

A story about the good things in life.

A Custom Surface for a One-of-a-Kind School

A school this unique needed a special touch. The designer delivered with Formica Envision™ Custom Laminate.

Translating a Digital Brand Presence into a Physical Space

More than just a pretty surface, Formica® Laminate checked all the boxes for bringing a digital brand to life.

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