From Hotel to Healthcare Offices with HardStop® Panels

From Hotel to Healthcare Offices with HardStop® Panels

When the University of Kentucky needed additional space for healthcare offices and training classrooms, they found inspiration in an unusual source: a nearby campus hotel. Due to its proximity to the UK HealthCare facilities, the hotel was an ideal location for the new offices and learning center. But first, it needed a sizeable interior renovation.

UK Inn Exterior

“We had to turn a space that had a more linear footprint and circulation pattern consistent with a hotel to an occupancy with a completely different function,” said Kelly Spies, an associate with the design and architecture firm, Stengel Hill Architecture. “We integrated custom lit core walls utilizing the newest materials and strategic corridor design to help hide the fact that this used to be a hotel.”

One of the newest materials Spies used was HardStop® Decorative Protection Panels by Formica Group, which were paired with some unique lighting elements to create a stunning visual effect on each floor.

“The university is sensitive to wall damage, understandably. Hardstop was ultimately chosen because it provides excellent protection, while enabling any pattern in the Formica laminate portfolio to be utilized,” Spies said. “The areas around the elevators, water fountains, and restrooms are going to receive more abuse, so we were able to give the client added protection while still providing a sleek aesthetic.”

UK Inn Restroom Entrance

For Ronald Hall at Marillia, his first experience installing HardStop® Panels was a positive one.

“It went perfect,” Hall said of the install. “Of course, with the custom LED lighting fixtures there were some challenges we had to overcome, but with the HardStop® Panels themselves, we put them directly on the drywall and used the glue, trim and panels with absolutely no problems whatsoever.”

For all your wall protection needs, Find Your Perfect™ with HardStop® Decorative Protection Panels.

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