Explore the world comfortably and flexibly with Nav Camper

Explore the world comfortably and flexibly with Nav Camper

FENIX™ and Formica® products feature prominently in their RVs

Designed in 2020 by Jordan Bernier and Jérémy Maltais, who were Concordia University engineering students at the time, the first Nav Camper prototype was initially designed to meet the two friends’ needs. As outdoor sports enthusiasts, they were looking to design a comfortable and flexible solution. Following the interest shown by their friends and the adventure enthusiasts they met along the way, they decided to take the plunge and found Nav Camper, a company that manufactures and designs from A to Z all the components found inside recreational vehicles, from kitchen cabinets to outdoor accessories and electrical systems.


NAV Camper exterior

A team of eight experts handles every part of Nav Camper vehicle manufacturing to ensure the final products are of the highest quality and match clients’ needs and tastes. Each vehicle is designed in-house by a professional designer who selects materials and determines the layout, an industrial draughtsman who handles design and programming, and three engineers who work on its various systems.

A few of the company’s basic models (Onyx, Nova and SEEK) are ready-made, but most of its vehicles are custom-fitted to meet the clients' needs and tastes. Clients can choose the materials, cabinet layout, and interior and exterior equipment (racks for bikes, kayaks, or skis, etc.) with advice from the team. Depending on the type of travel clients have planned, extra batteries or a larger drinking water tank can be added. All the fittings are designed to accommodate long-term needs and adapt to various projects as they evolve.

The unique design of Nav Camper vehicles combines high-quality materials and components. The vehicles are self-sufficient in solar energy and can be used all year round, even in the winter. The company's approach is highly personalized. Indeed, it provides client-focused service and support every step of the way.

NAV Camper vehicle overview

Whether retired, semi-retired or young, Nav Camper clients share one unmistakable characteristic: they’re passionate about adventure, want to travel, explore, or practice sports, and are freedom seekers. Many are embarking on a life project – a retirement project or a new lifestyle – especially the digital nomads who are increasingly part of the company's customer base. To meet the needs of this new breed, Nav Camper has fitted work desks and high-performance satellite internet systems into its vehicles so that clients can travel at will and work from anywhere.

Nav Camper chose Formica® products and FENIX™ innovative materials for all its countertops (FENIX™ 12 mm and Everform® Solid Surface) and kitchen and storage cabinets (FENIX™) for their customized vehicle fittings. The company’s choice was based on the quality of the products, their durability, and access to a wide range of trendy colours. Moreover, the thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches FENIX™ offers was a key element, given all the comings and goings inside these vehicles and the many items of equipment stored inside them. Another bonus was that FENIX™ products are anti-fingerprint, making it easier to keep the vehicles clean… and looking clean. Finally, with advice from an interior designer, clients can choose the design they want from the wide range of Everform® Solid Surface and FENIX™ products.

NAV Camper Everform countertop White Sparkle 778

A new vehicle specially designed for long journeys

The company continues to grow and work on new projects to meet the evolving needs of its clients. The team has recently been developing a vehicle based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170 platform, a stretch 4X4 designed specifically for extended trips. The main aim of the project was to develop a high-quality layout that accommodates two people for trips across North America lasting several months. The layout includes a practical kitchen area for easy meal prep on the road and specific storage solutions for skis, multiple bicycles (up to four), and various sports equipment. What's more, the vehicle is equipped with a four-season heating and insulation system that runs autonomously on solar energy in summer and winter without the need for propane.

"The project also focused on customization, allowing customers to choose colours and materials in collaboration with an interior designer. The use of high-quality materials, such as FENIX™ for the kitchen cabinets and Everform® Solid Surface products for the countertops, ensured a durable and aesthetically modern design," says Jeremy Maltais, Co-Founder of Nav Camper.

One of the key challenges encountered during the project was finding innovative solutions to maximize storage space and functionality while maintaining the high-end look of the Nav Camper vehicles. Designing and manufacturing bespoke vehicles requires precise engineering and exceptional creativity to meet each client’s specific needs, while guaranteeing first-rate aesthetics through quality products.

"Creating this layout has been an exciting challenge, where every detail was carefully considered to provide an outstanding travel experience. We aimed to merge comfort, functionality, and style so that every kilometre travelled would be a source of satisfaction and wonder for our clients", says Juan Garcia, Engineer.

Photo credit: Maxime Dubé-Lahaie

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