Set off on an adventure with Norva's custom vehicles

Set off on an adventure with Norva's custom vehicles

Formica® products and innovative FENIX™ materials combine to create practical and attractive interiors.

Since 2017, Rivière-du-Loup-based Norva has specialized in converting Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicles into top-of-the-line, autonomous adventure vehicles. The Norva team also develops myriad customized and innovative accessories for its vehicles that offer customers the freedom to embark on a new adventure every day and rediscover their passions.


A core part of Norva's approach is customization, and the team works closely with its customers to build vehicle interiors that reflect their future owners' personalities and tastes. About 95% of a vehicle's interior layout can be customized. The remaining 5% - the electrical and plumbing systems, 4-season insulation, etc. - is standard on all vehicles. Norva vehicles are made exclusively of high-quality, durable materials to meet the needs of its high-end clientele. The company regularly seeks out components and inspiration from a wide range of industries, including aviation, maritime and rail, to offer innovative solutions that meet its customers’ needs

Norva kitchen

“At Norva, we believe vehicles should adapt to our customers' specific needs, not the other way around," says Martin Gagnon, President and Project Director at Norva. "Our team's creativity knows no bounds, and we work hard to ensure our adventure vehicles are multi-functional and modular.” This constant search for innovation is what sets the company apart and gives Norva vehicles a distinctive, innovative edge. The company also pays close attention to layout design, a feature that makes its vehicles truly stand out from the crowd thanks to their striking, industrial look.

The company chose Formica® brand products and FENIX™ innovative materials for its vehicles’ interior fittings, with the high quality of the products and the wide choice of colours being determining factors. Quality is important if vehicles are to retain their top-of-the-line appearance, and the variety of colours means there's something for every customer. The products in Formica's Compact® range are mainly used for countertops. Formica® brand laminates and FENIX™ materials are used for countertops and vehicle furniture (cabinets and shelving). 


Norva Interior

A way of life

Norva's clientele is made up mainly of business owners, social entrepreneurs, and young, very sport-oriented families who share a strong need for freedom and a desire to explore off the beaten track, while enjoying all the comforts of home. These generally well-off people prefer to stay mobile to be able to explore an area, rather than having a stationary second home or cottage.

Over the years, Norva has developed an increasingly wide range of accessories to fit out Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicles. Today, part of its customer base includes people who own a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and choose to convert it themselves, buying accessories from Norva.


For many people, buying an adventure vehicle is a multi-year project that needs to be planned well in advance, not least because of the delivery lead times. Dealerships are experiencing strong demand, and it can sometimes take up to two years from the customer’s first call to the day they pick up their custom-built vehicle.

But for these adventure-seekers, whose lives are transformed and whose horizons become limitless, the wait is well worth it!


Photo credit: Norva

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