Atelier Avant-Garde creates a welcoming, modern living space with Formica® products

Atelier Avant-Garde creates a welcoming, modern living space with Formica® products

Atelier Avant-Garde completely transformed a condo into a modern, functional space that perfectly met its client’s needs and expectations. The Atelier Avant-Garde team executed this full basement and ground floor remodel and overcame several technical challenges while paying close attention to every detail.

The condo owners had a clear goal: to update their living space to meet their changing needs. Atelier Avant-Garde created a separate dining room, expanded the bathroom and kitchen, increased the storage space in the master bedroom and made several adjustments to bring more light into the living spaces.

Avant Garde kitchen Formica Layered Sand

The project was a success even though opening up the living space was a huge challenge. Several structural constraints, including a load-bearing wall and columns, had to be worked around, and the heating pipes in some of the partitions had to be accounted for in the design.

"We chose to use Formica® products in several rooms in the condo because the choice of colours and textures made it possible to give the space the style we were looking for – soft, welcoming and modern – and helped us stay on budget," says designer Andréanne Dubois.

Atelier Avant Garde Formica Layered Sand Countertop
Avant Garde bathroom 180fx Wide Planked Walnut

Layered Sand laminate in the Scovato™ texture (9511-34) was selected for the kitchen and dining room and lent a soft, bright and contemporary feel to the room.

For the laundry and powder rooms, Wide Planked Walnut laminate from the 180fx® collection in the Natural Grain texture (9479-NG) was chosen because the design and the texture brought warmth to a room that is often cold. 

This renovated condo is now bright, practical and elegant. The use of Formica® products played a key role in enabling the owners to achieve exactly the style they were looking for in the various rooms of their new space.

Photo credit: Cynthia Ross

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