The joy of creating something new from something old

The joy of creating something new from something old

Kryptonie agency founder transforms her worktable with Formica® products

Colour specialist and Kryptonie agency founder Marie-Chantal Milette offers colour consulting, brand image design, and training services. Recently, she decided to renovate her office/studio and turn it into a functional and inviting space.


Marie-Chantal is a creative spirit, always on the lookout for new ideas and projects. She was looking to create an office that reflected her personality and nurtured her boundless creativity. She left no stone unturned in designing the perfect workspace and was determined to make her project as eco-responsible as possible. She focused on choosing the right materials and re-using and re-purposing of items she already owned. It was important to her to avoid waste as much as possible and breathe new life into some of the elements.


Kryptonie office 180fx

Her worktable, which she'd owned for over 15 years, was the project’s centerpiece. Since she'd painted, drawn, and completed hundreds of DIY projects on it, the tabletop was showing its age, even though overall the table was still in very good condition. Rather than part with it and buy a new one, Marie-Chantal decided to transform it and create a new worktable from the old one. Given that the legs comprised two large, extremely practical, and functional bookcases, she opted to remodel just the top of the table.


Choosing Formica® products to cover and update her worktable came naturally. Marie-Chantal has had a Formica® laminate kitchen table for six years and loves the brand! "I have three children aged 0 to 5, and they've done everything you can think of to this white marble design table! DIY projects, drawing with markers, painting – you name it! It cleans up so well that I don't even need a tablecloth!” After six years of wear and tear, her kitchen table looks as beautiful as the day she bought it. Therefore, she was totally confident in Formica® brand products’ durability and ease of maintenance. She knew it would be the perfect material for the top of her new worktable.


Kryptonie kitchen table 180fx

To make the project even simpler, she enlisted the help of a professional cabinetmaker, who not only covered the table, but also added a leg on each side to enlarge Marie-Chantal’s workspace. He also suggested rounding the corners of the worktable to give it a unique look.


Since Marie-Chantal is a colour specialist, every detail of her studio was carefully thought out. She combined green, purple, and pink walls with lots of colourful accessories. For her worktable, she decided to go for a more sober look that would instill a sense of stability when she's creating. She chose the River Gold (3546) design from the 180fx® collection with the Monolith texture, which goes perfectly with the espresso-coloured worktable legs and grey floor.


Kryptonie workspace 180fx 3546-ML

"I love my new worktable! I feel like I have a new piece of furniture that looks ultra-professional and high-quality, but I also know that I've given new life to my old worktable. It's something I hold close to my heart, and I'm really pleased with my choice, especially knowing that it's going to look good for a long time to come," says Marie-Chantal Milette.


Kryptonie 180fx office
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