Designing for the Future with Kinective

Designing for the Future with Kinective

Formica Brand’s Aged Ash

In Gilbert, Arizona, fintech software provider Kinective needed a new headquarters to house its growing business and expanding team. Having completed the combination of three companies under the new Kinective brand, the company wanted to create a transformative headquarters space that supported collaboration amongst team members, reinforced its brand, and positioned it for future growth.

In partnership with design-build firm DBSI, a longstanding partner, Kinective wanted to create a 25,000 square-foot HQ space that welcomed employees and retained top talent. DBSI led the entire design initiative, overseeing all project aspects from the early phases of discovery through debrief.

The primary objective of this design project was to create a unified, future-forward workspace that supports Kinective's vision of a cohesive brand and identity. Following the strategic partnership of three businesses earlier this year - CFM, NXTsoft and IMM - the emphasis was on building an environment conducive to talent retention, collaboration, and business expansion.

Kinective Open Kitchen

During the planning stage, both Kinective and DBSI were challenged to find interior options that achieved their desired fusion of aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. Wanting to create a welcoming environment for both visitors and staff, both parties determined Formica® Brand surfaces would support the goals for the new space.

For all millwork in the building, DBSI selected Formica® Brand’s Aged Ash laminate (8844) in Woodbrush™ (-WR) texture. They also selected Graphite laminate (837) in Matte (-58) texture for the mother’s room countertops and Formica Compact in Brite White (459) for lab shelving, tech room surrounds, and the planter in the comfortable “living room.”

Kinective Self serve counter

According to DBSI and Kinective, the easy availability of the Formica® products ensured timely delivery, allowing the project to stay on schedule. The choice of textures and colours added to the industrial aesthetic and ensured that the space resonated with Kinective’s new brand personality.


“The Kinective team knew they wanted an industrial aesthetic that spoke to the architecture of the building,” says Angela Hearn, Interior Designer at DBSI. “Paired with so many industrial materials, Formica’s Aged Ash in Woodbrush™ texture acted as an anchoring design element that brought consistency and warmth throughout this headquarters space.”

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