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Materialising Sustainability

The next step in Formica Group’s sustainability journey is a higher level of transparency - proactively communicating our environmental impact data and our plans for improving it in the future.

Formica Group takes a common sense approach to sustainability. This requires the acknowledgment that, by definition, a product requires resources and energy in its creation and as a result, some level of environmental impact will occur. That said, we have adopted the relentless pursuit of maximising our product functionality while minimising its environmental impact. We believe that sustainability is a balancing act between product functionality and its impact. Our goal is to reduce the impacts without losing sight of the product functionality our customers require.

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Overall Philosophy

Formica Group’s sustainability policy is built upon a basic motivation to shift from “being less bad” for the environment to being “good” and having a positive impact on the world around us. This approach has three stages:

Do no harm: We will comply with safety, product and sustainability regulations and guidelines set by the countries in which it operates. Beyond that, we will seek opportunities to minimise the environmental impact in all of our operations and products.

Do good: We will support suppliers and customers in realising their sustainability challenges. We will continue to look for opportunities and initiatives to support and promote longer-term sustainability beyond the direct scope of our current operations.

Do better: We believe that investing in sustainability is beneficial to the overall environment and to the long-term health of our business. Many sustainability challenges constitute good business opportunities that support our customers while continuing to allow the company to thrive.

Cradle-to-gate approach

At the heart of Formica Group’s sustainability vision and approach is reducing the impacts generated from the cradle-to-gate portion of our materials life cycle. Our guiding principle is two-fold: increasing efficiency or ”do more with less” and replacing the most impactful energy and material inputs of our process.

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