Table top with dishes and plant 7405 Istanbul Marble 180fx

Celebrating 10 Years of 180fx® Laminate

Modern, sophisticated patterns bring quartz, stone and hardwood designs to life.

In 2009, Formica Group introduced 180fx® laminate, the culmination of an artistic design effort that leveraged advanced digital technology to create large-scale, high resolution patterns. It was developed to bring realistic, exotic granite looks to homeowners in an affordable way.

This year, we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of this game-changing surface. 180fx® laminate originally launched with eight patterns available in a single finish. The product collection has evolved over the years to include 27 stunning selections and six finishes that transform any space with quartz, stone and hardwood designs. You can also pair these finishes with IdealEdge® Decorative Edging for unmatched realism and a finished look. It truly is a laminate as large as life.

Ten years ago Formica Group introduced 180fx® and changed the laminate industry. Join us as we celebrate ten years of incredible designs.

180fx® by Formica Group Design Stories

Every 180fx® pattern has a story. Explore them all and discover the inspiration behind each stunning look.

New in 180fx® by Formica Group

Now you can create and define your unique design vision with six new 180fx® laminate patterns focused on a timeless palette versatile enough to enhance any interior. We’ve also introduced an exclusive new smooth-to-the-touch finish to complement select designs.

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