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We're starting something big

Over the past few years we’ve been on a bit of a mission.

We have looked at what we can do differently both internally with our teams and processes and externally with our products and customers. Each team across Europe has seen changes and we are excited for the next changes to come. In the UK our focus has been on bringing in the latest production technology to our main manufacturing site with the delivery of seven main capital investment projects (totalling £40m). During this time we’ve changed 90% of our factory layout and developed a new head office. We’ve done all this while still producing laminate for our customers and launching new products and that is down our team.

Delivering this much change into a business operating in a competitive market comes with challenges. If that sounds exciting to you then you could be one of the team. What that means for our team – we want people who not just like change, but they can implement change, sustain change, imbed change and drive change. With advances in technology, changes in the market and competing against not just other laminate providers but other decorative surfaces, you need to be someone who can think on their feet.

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