7 Colours to Put a Spring in Your Step

For SS19 our global design team has combined the moodlifting power of colour with the ongoing focus on mindfulness. The palette is fresh, soothing and yet assertive. The tones are balanced, with soft, airy pastels counterbalanced by punchier, more intense tones.

High energy tones meet zen

Fronting the lineup are three saturated and deep hues. Put together, the zingy Clementine, the dark fuchsia of Amarena and the pure yellow of Sol greet you like a friendly smile.

A key trend we’ve spotted is the use of pastel, ice-cream shades as neutrals, replacing whites and beige tones. For our SS19 palette, we’ve kept the pales cool, soft and breezy. The cloud-blue Iris, the delicate lilac Heather and the elegant green Opal ground the collection and offer a refreshing contrast to the vibrant, warmer shades.

Commenting on the palette our Design Manager, Nina Bailey says: “The saturated and deep colours are striking and add strong accents, while the soft tones are grounding. Ombres and gradients are also really visible in interior design at the moment; inject some energy into a space by combining two of these positive colours – for example Amarena fading into Heather – for a stunning feature wall.”

There’s a new sensibility that’s brighter, more relaxed and little bit more subtle than recent seasons. The overall feeling is sophisticated, energising and conjures up both breezy beaches and summer evenings. The palette’s colours are a contrast to the cool, dark jewel tones we’ve seen a lot of recently.

Metals aren’t going anywhere, we’re expecting to see them to be used more sparingly, and with less ‘shiny’ finishes. Fans of subtle glamour will love the gentle Matt Bronze Aluminium.

Nina continues: “Colour has real impact, not just aesthetically - a pop of rich colour can totally change your mood. Designers have always known this and use colour to influence what goes on in a space.”

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