The beauty of abstract worktops

The beauty of abstract worktops

Twenty new abstract designs have extended the premium options within our Axiom® worktop collection.

Axiom Worktop Layered Sand 825x550

Developed in response to the growing trend for craftsmanship within the home, as well as increased demand for subtle patterns within the kitchen, the Abstract worktops have been a welcomed addition to our Axiom® range.

Customer interest has been consistently high, helping to develop countless stunning kitchens across the UK and beyond.

Nina Bailey, European Design Lead at Formica Group, says: “The Abstract series of products are, in a sense, hybrid designs which create a unique and desired look when combined with other materials and colour schemes.

“The designs all have an organic aesthetic, without directly impersonating a specific material.”

  • PP9511 Layered Sand (Essence) is an exclusive Formica print. Brutalist inspired, it has a rammed-earth effect created from real layers of sand. 

  • The Painted Marbles range includes PP5015 Black Painted Marble (Satin NDF) and PP5014 White Painted Marble (Satin NDF), both of which are also  Formica prints “It’s not until you get close up to the product that you can see it’s a manmade and art-worked design, complete with the beautiful fluid movement of the artistry marbling techniques” says Nina.

  • PP8830 Elemental Concrete (Scovato) and P8832 Elemental Corten (Scovato) are also part of our exclusive range. Ideally suited for those looking to create an urban theme, their high contrast, clouded and dappled effect creates the impression of concrete or oxidised metal. “They work beautifully” says Nina.

  • PP5936 Lulworth Flint (Essence) and PP5935 Purbeck Flint (Essence) are prints produced in exclusive Formica colours. “These worktops are perfect for a calming and simplistic look,” says Nina. Designed to offer low-level contrast along with a subtle and sophisticated clouded effect, they are an ideal solution for those seeking a concrete or plaster appearance.

  • Finally, PP5930 Shadow Dancette (Essence) has received praise for its eye-catching combination of a small-scale planked wood effect with an intricate fishbone pattern. “This design brings geometric pattern and wood together in an ideal way to add some differentiation to the kitchen,” says Nina.

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