Jennifer Haslam tells us about her top tips to style your kitchen for a premium feel

To create a premium look for your kitchen it doesn’t have to be just about spending big bucks, it’s about adding in elements of luxury.

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You can take a mid-price range door, and invest in your handles, taps, worktops, and lighting for example. These are great ways to give your kitchen a premium feel, as well as personality. Statement brass handles and insets of gold panels, paired with a gold tap, as seen in this kitchen by Roundhouse Design add an instant lux feel.

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Using the same materials for your doors, worktop and splash back creates a seamless look where the kitchen units blend into the space surrounding them. This is a great technique for smaller spaces to achieve a premium feel and give the illusion of a bigger space. A modern matt black finish completes the look. Top Tip: For a quick update use a matt kitchen friendly paint, such as Farrow and Ball’s Modern Emulsion to create a new look splash back.

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Mix your materials and think outside the box, premium doesn’t have to mean the obvious gloss and gold, a mix of beautiful crafted wood, reflective white worktops, with elegant lighting, seen here by Angelpoise show a modern take on the premium.

Jennifer Haslam

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