Striking greys! Introducing the on-trend decors fuelling creativity across Europe

Five greyed woods have been added to the Formica® Woods Collection.

Woods Greyed Woods 825x550

Beautiful and modern, greyed woods can be used in many interior spaces either as a neutral backdrop or in an accent role within a palette. Light sandy tones, alongside popular beige, greige and grey-brown, are all included in the striking decors assembled by Formica Group giving commercial designers access to an unprecedented range of greyed laminate surfaces.

“All of our new additions are distinctive in appearance and cover several different species, which means they offer even more options to create the perfect look for any commercial space.” says Nina Bailey, Design Manager for Formica Group.

Along with F8587 Peruca Walnut and F8586 Cetina Walnut, five other greyed woods have been added to the Formica® Woods Collection.

  • F8579 Belvedere Beech is a larger-scale wood offering significant tonal variation.

  • F8570 Flute Oak is planked, with saw cross-cut marks running throughout to give it a distinctive visual appeal.

  • F8588 Nevada Oak is a rustic, natural-looking decor that will be welcomed in spaces seeking a more traditional aesthetic.

  • F8845 Bleached Legno is a striped, simple, linear wood that catches the eye wherever it is used.

  • F5873 Ventura Oak offers a cooler grey colour and demonstrates Formica Group’s ability to use laminates to aesthetically pleasing decors that are not found in nature.

Nina adds: “Each of these additions enhances the colour variation across our woodgrain palette.

“While all these decors are very different structurally in terms of their appearance, they do sit together quite closely in terms of their palette. We are delighted to have them as key parts of the Formica® Woods Collection and look forward to seeing the spaces they create.”

View the updated Formica® Woods Collection today. 

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