The commercial interior texture revolution | 8 new colours

The commercial interior texture revolution | 8 new colours

Essential to the success of every interior design space is texture and how to add it to a commercial environment encompasses a great deal more than those with an untrained eye might expect. Texture is the precise art of blending surface structure with a specific design or colour, to create different visual and tactile experiences.

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The overall feeling of a room is translated through both physical and visual texture, whilst also having an impact on how a space and the items within are perceived. Lighting plays a huge part in texture, more so than many would think, the way light reflects upon a surface can determine whether it creates a soft or harsh environment. The skill in getting texture right is finding perfect harmony between textures and lighting.

The new Plus Color range is our creative toolbox for a mix and match approach to interiors. It offers a curated range of colours and exclusive textures for elegant tone-on-tone or colourful spaces. With eight on-trend sophisticated new colours each available in four textures.

Four luxurious textures

AR+, a superior high gloss finish featuring greater abrasive and scuff resistance that helps horizontal and vertical surfaces maintain their shine better than standard gloss laminates.

MICRODOT, a simple, slightly indented small dot in a geometric grid layout, that provides extra sensation to a plain coloured surface.

PLEX, award-winning small scale structure with a crisp touch and an elegant silky sheen. It's non-directional and suitable for solid colours and textile effects.

SATIN NDF, flat smooth, untextured, mimicking engineered stone surfaces. Gloss level is low to medium and suitable for horizontal application.

Eight elegant colours

BLUSH is a wonderful example of a new generation of neutral colours that are conquering commercial and residential spaces world-wide. It is loved for its individualist character as well as its inoffensiveness and it is a colour of wellness, with calming effects on body and soul.

EARTHENWARE and HENNA reaffirm the trend for terracotta colours. They add warmth and introduce an earthy, naturalness to the range.

MARBLE GREENGREEN SLATE and ALGAE form the nature-inspired, organic corner of the range for those seeking an outdoors indoors feel.

NIGHT SEA is a deep, near-black blue that builds on trends for dark blues that are relatable, peaceful and genderless and liked for their honesty and versatility.

BRITE WHITE is the only new neutral colour securing the palettes calming nature.

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