Painted Marble laminate decors | Formica® Patterns Collection

Painted Marble Decors: Fluid Elegance

Introducing a touch of elegance and sophistication to the Formica® Patterns Collection with exquisite F5015 Black Painted Marble and F5014 White Painted Marble laminate decors.

Painted Marble 920x600

Artfully created with water and ink, these laminates from the Abstract series stand as a testament to the timeless art of marbling - an intricate technique dating back centuries. Marbling entails the complex manipulation of pigments on liquid surfaces to create unique patterns reminiscent of natural stone formations. A commissioned artist hand-painted the Painted Marble design, resulting in a stunning abstract appearance that echoes the beauty of natural stone.

With their unique blend of artistry and functionality, F5015 Black Painted Marble and F5014 White Painted Marble laminates offer a distinctive aesthetic that elevates any space. From sleek countertops to statement furniture pieces, these laminates lend a touch of luxury to interior design projects.

Explore the versatility and beauty of Painted Marble decors and discover endless possibilities for transforming your interior spaces into works of art.

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