Of Matter is now available online!

Of Matter is now available online!

We are Formica Group, Trespa, Arpa, FENIX, Westag, Homapal, Direct Online Services, Nemho and Musa. All active in material technology. Panels, doors, worktops: our products range from high pressure laminates to solid surface, and from decorative metals to FENIX.

Of Matter

Since 2019, Formica Group has been part of the leading global group in surface materials.

Our magazine, OfMatter, is now available online here: https://ofmatter.com.

You will meet our brands, companies and centers of excellence - all active in material technology.

We hope you get a taste of how you can get most out of your collaboration with our companies. Consider this website a guide. Or an introduction. But most of all, an invitation to reach out to our companies to learn more.

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