Nightclubbing Design | Creating Immersive Experiences

Nightclubbing Design | Creating Immersive Experiences

The nightclubbing season is coming to a close and with clubs looking to revamp over the winter seasons we’re taking the opportunity to delve into how design plays a huge part in creating an immersive clubbing experience. Helping to form an unforgettable night out, we’ve had the pleasure of working on two night club projects where interior design has been used to construct an intentional user journey.

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The renovation of Pacha, Ibiza

Being one of the biggest names on the nightclubbing scene, we jumped at the chance to work with Pacha who pay close attention to their customers experience from the second they walk through the door. Pacha is a lifestyle and entertainment brand who strive to provide world renowned night outs worth travelling for. 

Each of Pacha’s clubs have an individual identity which often reflects the heritage of the area. Pacha Ibiza is no different and creates a visual narrative through interior design even down to the toilets. 

Pacha Ibiza Toilets by Formica Group 2

Their recent toilet renovation is beautifully designed to echo the island’s golden sands and clear blue waters, the toilets include customised panels using our digital printing service; Younique® by Formica Group. Pacha Ibiza washroom design by Capella Garcia Architects. 

Pacha Ibiza Toilets by Formica Group

The images that don the walls here create an impressive and coherent design that flows with their ‘summer vibes’ theme. The attention to detail hits the mark on creating an original and brand lead space, raising the bar for the rest of the hospitality industry.

H-Club Belgium, mixing the old with the new

The nightclub industry has vastly changed over the last 10 years with the decline of demand for cheap bars and low priced alcohol. Clubbers are now on the hunt for an unforgettable night that offers an evening with a sense of luxury, which leads us onto the second hospitality project we’ve recently had the pleasure of being a part of: The Holy Food Market Belgium.

Located in the gothic sixteenth century Baudelo Chapel, Holy Food Market is a great example of using originality to rise above the standard clubbing landscape. Here, the venue functions as a co-working space called H-Co. As the evening draws in, the beautiful and historic location changes into H-Club, a sophisticated night club.

Holy Food Market Formica Group 1 920x600

H-Club creates a contemporary aesthetic by mixing the architecture of the original building with new furniture and features. The original archways and wall mouldings remain from the days when Mozart played one of his very first concerts at the venue, whilst they have created separate spaces for food vendors using our Formica laminate in Calacatta Marble. The mix of old and new continues when looking at the juxtaposition of using large scale laminate against the black and white stone floor tiles and the cleverly lit bar, all amounting to a luxurious, high end look. 

Holy Food Market Formica Group 2 920x600

Upstairs they’ve continued the lavish aesthetic through using velvet chairs, dark wooden flooring and a combination of different table types; glass topped and brass edged circular tables and tall solid tables made using Formica laminate in Blue Storm. The smart use of different height tables in this space creates a clear distinction between the bar area and more comfortable seating areas. 

Holy Food Market Formica Group 3 920x600

We loved working on these two very different projects and seeing how Formica Laminate can be used alongside other materials to create on brand, intended experience for its users. Discover the our range of products for commercial use and follow the story on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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