Answering the trend for Natural and Earthy Greens

Answering the trend for Natural and Earthy Greens

The new Formica® Laminate Collection meets the ever changing demands for beautiful yet multifunctional, practical and hard-wearing surfaces. With the introduction of on-trend colours, the collection balances aesthetics with the required finish to create usable, functional surfaces.

Formica Greens 825x550

15 exciting new colours have been added to the well regarded ‘Colors’ range, 6 of which have been added to the green palettes. They are all very different greens in tone but complement each other through their connection with nature and their slightly greyed off hues.

Nina Bailey, European Design Lead, Formica Group comments; “Natural and earthy hues of green have been trending through commercial sectors since biophillic design and the ‘Outdoors in’ theme became one of the biggest interior concepts seen over the last decade. These trends have proven to show how greenery positively links us to the outside world and helps to enhance wellbeing and productivity, making tones and variations of green one of the most popular colour choices and palettes used across all sectors.”

Formica Greens Palette

GREEN SLATE is a tranquil, dark sage colour bridging between grey and green.

ALGAE is a highly saturated vegetal green, while FIR is darker and slightly greyed, adding a modern twist.

MARBLE GREEN is inspired by jade coloured marble; it is an elegant and muted colour that looks great with a matt finish and pairs well with warm greys and smoky walnut colours.
LIQUID GLASS is a pale grey with only a hint of blue and is inspired by the real colour of frosted glass.

DEEP SEA is a teal colour bringing a touch of drama with its luxe and saturated tone.

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