Sophisticated Spaces: Homapal® Metals Shine in Valyty Store Renovation

Valyty Store 1900x650

Sophisticated Spaces: Homapal® Metals Shine in Valyty Store Renovation

Brief: Interior design elements with Homapal metals for retail
Designer: Miriam Alia
Photographer: Asier Rua
Decors used: Homapal®
Date completed: June 2024

In a bold and transformative renovation of the Valyty Store in the prestigious Salamanca district of Madrid, the innovative use of Homapal® metal laminates, distributed by Formica Group, has played a pivotal role in shaping a modern and sophisticated retail environment.
Designed by the esteemed Miriam Alia, this revitalised space covers 100 square meters and combines clean geometries with meticulous material selection to create an elegant, balanced aesthetic that perfectly aligns with the store's purpose.

The store's interior design, characterised by its geometric simplicity, is enriched by a monochromatic peach palette. This fresh, inviting base is accented with carefully chosen shades of brown, orange, and bronze, which add depth and elegance, resulting in a harmonious and timeless colour scheme.

Homapal® in 473 Alu Mirror Polished Tea and 477 Alu Mirror Polished Coppertone are prominently featured in the quilted curtain finishes and pillar coverings, adding a touch of metallic sophistication and reflecting the store's commitment to quality and style. These materials, known for their durability and aesthetic appeal, help create a luxurious atmosphere that is both modern and inviting. The metallic finishes complement the store's overall design, offering reflections and shines that contribute to the space's dynamic visual experience.

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