Time for something different

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Time for something different

Brief: Decorative wall clocks
Designer/Fabricator: Off The Wall Clocks
Decors used: Vintage Formica® Laminate Decors

A selection of Formica® Laminates are being used for vintage decorative wall clocks by an artist in the UK. 

The clocks use either salvaged laminate sheets or the artist sources, recycles and reuses old furniture using vintage laminate decors and pairs the laminate with old clock faces. The finished mid-century style wall clocks give life to old clock faces and each piece is unique.

Laminate being a durable and hardwearing surface material means the colours pattern and woodgrains of the vintage decors are still good to use and maintain their original bold colours and patterns, which Formica Group is known for.

“I love the results I can get out of a vintage or recycled Formica® laminate for my clocks. 

Given some bits I use must be the best part of 50 years old, I am always staggered by the vibrancy of the colours still.  There is barely a mark on them after so many years, giving me a great base to start from.

Cutting and drilling is an easy enough job and it tends not to chip at the cut/drill edge like other laminates, which gives me a great finish.”


Sam, Off The Wall Clocks

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