Tone on Tone for Ernestine Nursery

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Tone on Tone for Ernestine Nursery

Brief: Furniture for children's nursery
Designer/Fabricator: Zampone Architectuur
Photography: Tim Van De Velde
Decors used: F8858, F2966, F7853, F7882, F8141,
F8238, F8245, Homapal Metals
Date Completed: 2022

A mixture of tonal Formica® Laminates and metal surfaces from Homapal were blended to renovate Ernestine Nursery in the heart of Ixelles, Brussels. The nursery provides space for 34 children, divided into two living groups. 

Custom furniture and materiality was designed and tailored to the toddlers and nurses, such as pass-through cabinets, care furniture with built-in steps (so toddlers can clamber onto the furniture themselves) and lighting at toddler height.

The finished furniture exudes a friendly and accessible atmosphere and benefits both the smooth passage of caregivers and the safety of playing children. 

A sliding wall offers the choice between either divided spaces or a combination of the living spaces, depending on the activity. A recognisable colour was chosen for each living group. This hue was further split tone by tone into three undertones. 

Within the design, extra attention was paid to acoustics. Appropriate materials were carefully selected so as not to compromise on domestic appearance.

“The challenge was to convert the available space, initially planned for two apartments, into a daycare center. We were searching to have a soft colour palette in combination with the homely birch wood. Rounded shapes, tone on tone colors & playful elements form the basis of this design. The tone on tone effect we could only find within the Formica® Collection supported by Homapal.”

Karel Petermans, Zampone Architectuur

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