Marble Effect and Metals help create impressive hotel interior

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Marble Effect and Metals help create impressive hotel interior

Brief: Furniture and Wall Panels for Hotel Interior
Designer / Fabricator: Induplano
Decors used: F9485 Nero Grafite456 Brushed Medium Bronzetone485/000 Polished Special Natural474 Aluminium Mirror Polished Smokey Grey794N Brushed Goldtone Special448 Brushed Black
Date Completed: 2023

Formica® Laminate in Nero Grafite, a marble effect from the TrueScale range, has been used to create table tops for an impressive Hotel Epic Sana Marquês in Lisbon, Portugal. Designed by renowned Induplano Studio which specialises in creating luxurious and sophisticated interior designs, Formica Laminate is expertly paired with Homapal real metal surfaces to create visually inspiring interiors within the city centre hotel. 

From table tops, to door frames, wall panels, cabinets and signposting, laminate from the two brands work together to bring a sense of luxury to both public and private spaces. 

Laminate is ideally suited to hospitality environment projects due to it's durable nature and longevity of it's premium look and feel with minimal maintenance - perfect for high traffic areas.

“This creative story is a journey through the world of sensations. At the main lobby we are immediately involved in this wide space focusing on the main element - the bar. The urban, cosmopolitan and bohemian character of this hotel is a reflection of its location in the heart of the city, next to the emblematic fashion artery in Portugal and the emphasis given to the bar as a central element. The bar assumes the first act in this “performance”, inviting the guest and the “city” to come in and relax in an intimate atmosphere. We are surrounded by a social atmosphere… a space full of life! The metallic coatings and mirrored surfaces with elements alluding to natural stone from Formica® Laminate and HOMAPAL metals function as a chromatic game matching all the elements, where the texture reflects the space, elegance and glamour.”

Luis Silva

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