Sophisticated LUX

Sophisticated LUX

There is always something particularly intriguing about designs that radiate a luxurious finish while keeping things simple.Luxurious lifestyle is not just measured by wealth; but how much you appreciate the most exquisite and artistic things in life.


This opulence style is a balance of dark grayish wood grains artistic precious stones and classic lightened menswear to bring a more contemplative feel.

Neat use of chocolate and cream as a base colours with smoky tones of wood and textile designs creates a luxurious touch of craftsmanship.

Shimmery leather and brushed champagne are essential elements for the rich. Together with saturated bright yellow it creates a big contrast with decent dark gray to bring energy to the interiors.  

Concept Presentation

 Next we will be presenting some of the items identified in this chapter in a penthouse setting.

A penthouse is an apartment on the highest floor of an apartment building. Penthouse apartments are considered to be at the top of their markets and are generally the most expensive with expansive views large living spaces and top-of-the-line amenities.

Highlight: We have used a unique CNC linear cut to create an artistic feature wall that reveals layers of plywood behind our laminate surface. By varying the engraving height during the machining process different widths and depths are created on a liner path hence creating a pattern like water droplet.

Formica For Me

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