It is an undeniable truth that nature provides limitless possibilities.It is fresh and relaxing. However with human’s creativity it could also be iconic and playful.It is amazing how much joy it could bring to oneself to be able to dig into a truly nature touch.

Mix and match.It all depends on your imagination. Raw wood grains and contemporary stones are not just usable but also rich with characteristics details.
   With textiles and natural wood grains as the best touch of nature nature lovers are creating their own garden at home.
  Tapping into a desire to experience colour sensation and enlightening encounters; bright green and energetic lime tones can be used in colour-blocking to reflect aspects of nature.
Concept Presentation

Next we will be presenting some of the items identified in this chapter in a small apartment setting.

Highlight: For city dwellers living in small apartments we thought that it would be nice to create a fresh and healthy space with this design concept that promotes smart usage of working and living spaces. One of the tricks is to utilize fresh colours and embedding multi-purpose furniture that can double up as storage spaces.

Formica For Me

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