4925 NG Walnut Softwood and Formica Envision

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From product launches to partnerships, see what's new with Formica Canada Inc.

9684 58 Natural Recycled Kraft

Introducing SurfaceSet® 2020

With 30 new on-trend designs and two new textures, see how the lines between nature and technology are becoming blurred.
The 2020 Living Impressions™ Laminate Collection by Formica Group: table surface with 180fx® Laminate 5016-11 Watercolor Porcelain with coffee cup

The 2020 Living Impressions™ Collection

Hand-painted marbles and watercolours are among the new style-forward surfaces for home interiors in the 2020 Living Impressions™ Collection.

Cleaning Tips

View our recommendations on how to clean and disinfect your Formica® surfaces.

Bakery display case 3460 Calacatta Marble HardStop

Maximum Durability, Endless Style

HardStop™ Decorative Protection Panels feature a fiberglass core for superior durability, impact resistance, and Class A fire rating; available in the full spectrum of Formica® Brand colours.
Explore Hardstop™
FORM 2020 first place

Formica Corporation’s 2020 FORM Student Innovation Competition

Formica Canada is proud to announce that two Canadian students are among the winners of the North American FORM 2020 Student Innovation Competition. 

Learn About FORM
Reception desk M2025 Matte Bronze M8547 Oxibronze DecoMetal

The 2019 Formica® Specialty Collection

Discover the sleek edges, striking metals, and soft textures that will bring your unique designs to life.
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