Formica Corporation Expands DecoMetal® Laminates with Seven New Designs

Formica Corporation Expands DecoMetal® Laminates with Seven New Designs

These modern additions give designers even more options to create sophisticated metal designs in commercial environments

CINCINNATI (July 18, 2022) — Formica Corporation announces the expansion of its popular DecoMetal® Laminates line with seven new designs. As designers continue to give a nod to Art Deco styling by using luxe metal looks in commercial projects, these new additions add even more unique metal finishes for use in vertical surface applications, expanding the possibilities of metal surfacing designs. 

“From reception desks and bars to entire statement walls, we’ve loved seeing the beautiful applications designers have found for our well-loved DecoMetal® collection,” said Renee Hytry Derrington, managing principal, North American Design, Formica Corporation. “These new additions were designed to make the collection even more versatile to help fulfill the increasingly elegant and unique visions of the future.” 

The new designs include four printed solid metal options – solid aluminum sheets artistically detailed and textured with a protective finish – as well as three metal laminate designs that use metal foils as the decorative surface. 

Printed Solid Metal

Zinc Patina and Oxidized Silver Patina: Channeling the beautiful natural effects of weathering and age on metals, the two Patina series additions are usable in both modern and traditional environments. Zinc Patina offers a warm silver-gray finish and Oxidized Silver Patina brings a bolder and dramatic de-silvered, blackened visual.

Platinum Linework and Black Linework: Finely detailed with rippling vertical line weights, the Linework design emulates the ribbed panel trend. This design is available in a warm silver look or with a popular blackened effect. 

Metal Laminate

Antique Rubbed Copper: A timeless metal visual, the Rubbed effect utilizes a decorative, hand-rubbed oil technique on real copper foils for a classically crafted finish.

Woven Argent and Woven Brass: The linen-like fabric texture of the Woven series brings a rich tactile experience to silver and brass foils.

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