Formica<sup>®</sup> Laminate - Product Disclaimers

Formica® Laminate - Product Disclaimers

Formica® Laminate surfacing are designed for beauty and durability. Please refer to each individual product's technical brief, or use and care guide for full disclaimer information and corresponding information. Listed below are important messages about Everform™ Solid Surface and DecoMetal® Laminate.

Everform™ Solid Surface Dark Color Maintenance

Wear and scratches on dark colors are more apparent and require more maintenance. Visit the Everform™ Solid Surface pro resources page to find the current Dark Color Fabrication Technical Brief.

Everform™ Solid Surface Color List:

  • 307 Spanish Paprika Mist*
  • 309 Pesto Mist*
  • 389 Marron Graniti*
  • 411 Grafite Terrazzo Matrix
  • 415 Luna Steel
  • 501 Black Lava
  • 650 Ebony Mosaic*
  • 651 Chicory Mosaic*
  • 652 Pecan Mosaic*
  • 654 Botanical Mosaic*
  • 655 Coastal Mosaic*
  • 656 River Rock Mosaic
  • 704 Saltillo Stone*
  • 714 Federal Cornerstone*
  • 715 Gothic Cornerstone*
  • 763 Coffee Silica*
  • 774 Luna Fossil*
  • 775 Luna Storm
  • 777 Noce Travertine*
  • 780 Luna Stone
  • 781 Luna Concrete
  • 782 Luna Weather
  • 787 Drift Travertine*


DecoMetal® Laminate Disclaimers

M8547 Oxibronze is inspired by nature’s living metals and features an organic fluid effect. A play between warm metal tones, this sophisticated material is hand finished by craftsmen. The layered process of polishing, staining and re-polishing real brass foil results in each sheet of Oxibronze being totally unique. Please note that each sheet will have a clearly visible seam centered down the length.

M9420 Light Rolled Steel, M9421 Dark Rolled Steel, M9422 Black Patina, M9423 Brass Patina, M9424 Copper Patina are solid aluminum alloy substrates printed with polyester resin. Due to variations in the raw aluminum color from lot to lot, these designs can have color variation from sheet to sheet.

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