Introducing In-Depth Surfacing™

Steamed Luster Walnut

The New InDepth Surfacing™ Laminate Collection

Innovative design for signature spaces

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The 2024 Formica® Brand Specialty Collection introduces a new laminate line, InDepth Surfacing™ by Formica Group. This innovative product category incorporates the latest technology to create a synchronized, embossed matte texture with light-reflecting details. The resulting high-performance laminate surfaces draw the eye with luxe metallic elements, real wood veneer visuals and textural realism.

InDepth Surfacing™ can be used for horizontal and vertical applications. It is available in authentic décors in Marble, Oak and Walnut, all poised to elevate interiors in hospitality, higher education, luxury office and homes.

Position Oriented Media Card 730x550 8252 Silver Veined White Marble

Introducing InDepth Surfacing™

These new premium Marble, Oak and Walnut laminate décors feature a realistic matte texture with light-reflecting metallic details and elegant veneer visuals for high-end interiors.

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