Formica Brand Find Your Perfect Envision

Find Your Perfect™

What is perfect anyways? That’s up to you. Because what’s perfect for you or your clients is different than what’s perfect for someone else. That’s more than okay. That should be embraced and celebrated, from how you work to how you design. And for that, we have a Formica® Product that’s perfect for you. Whatever your perfect might be. 

Formica Brand Find Your Perfect Envision

Formica Envision™ Laminate

Whatever your application, you create your very own look. Make your mark. Build your brand. Find Your Perfect™ with Formica Envision™.
Discover Formica Envision™ Laminate
Formica Envision and Find Your Perfect Campaign

Everform™ Solid Surface

Available in 38 colors, this durable, non-porous surface shapes itself into virtually any design concept. Whether a healthcare or education project, hospitality or residential, Find Your Perfect™ with Everform™ Solid Surface.
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Fugazzi Pizza in Montreal with Formica Envision™ Custom Laminate

gauleybrothers’ Custom Perfection

Seizing an opportunity to create a unique restaurant design, gauleybrothers found their perfect with Formica® Envision Custom Laminate.
Desk with logo

A Perfect Fit

DecoMetal® Laminate was the perfect finishing touch for this law firm remodel designed by Wright Group Architects. 

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