The Most Popular Woodgrain Laminates

The Most Popular Woodgrain Laminates

These patterns and colors are leading the way in today’s woodgrain laminates, a prime surfacing selection for versatile, high-performance commercial design.

A Style-Forward Woodgrain Palette

The 2021 Formica® Woodgrain Collection includes an evolved range of curated patterns that reflect designer input on the shades important for defining modern public spaces. Think light and neutral colors, warm grays and true browns. These surfaces pair beauty, durability and cleanability for high-performance design that hits all the right notes.


Although rare in real wood, elm is an inspiration when it comes to woodgrain laminate with its smooth, subtle graining and warm tones. It offers an elegant, neutral look across furniture, millwork and feature walls. 


Often considered a cousin to oak, ash has been a staple in office furniture for decades. In woodgrain laminate form, its linear pattern offers a multipurpose visual element that works well with a variety of color palettes. Formica® woodgrain laminates in ash tones are excellent for millwork.


With its naturally wide color spectrum, oak typically features a classic, elegant straight grain. The Formica® Woodgrain Collection offers modern oak tones including gray and black perfect for memorable interiors and furniture.


A familiar and traditional wood, walnut offers a canvas for both classic and modern design. Classic walnut Formica® woodgrain laminate features a random-match layout with half-cut cathedral designs.


Cherry is famed for its smooth, satiny grain and striking color. Formica® woodgrain laminate in cherry tones offers both reds and true browns, making them highly usable for furniture and architectural doors.

The Visual Appeal of Woodgrain Laminates

With such diversity in options ranging from trusted neutrals and Scandinavian-inspired light tones to darker, moody selections, the 2021 Formica® Woodgrain Collection is sure to offer a fitting wood look for any design.

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