The HardStop™ Difference

When Formica Group launched HardStop™ Decorative Protection Panels, we did so with an eye towards offering a solution that was unmatched in the wall protection industry. While competitive products offer some of the benefits of HardStop™ Panels, there is really nothing that can compete with all the features of our newest product line.

Consider all these features and benefits available with HardStop™ Panels:

✓ High impact resistance: The most important thing a wall protection panel can do is simply protect the wall. Unlike traditional laminate, HardStop™ Panels contain a fiberglass core for added strength and durability that will stand up to the rigors of demanding commercial environments. 


✓ Class A fire rating: The fiberglass core also helps give HardStop™ its class A fire rating, which makes it ideal for elevators, healthcare, education and other settings where class A fire rated materials are prevalent.

✓ Scratch, stain and water resistance: Because HardStop™ is made with Formica® Brand Laminate, it comes with all the inherent benefits of laminate as well. Laminate is an incredibly durable surface to start, and when paired with the fiberglass core as in HardStop™, it creates a unique surface that is perfect for busy corridors, restrooms, and other highly trafficked areas.

✓ Ease of maintenance:  Again, like other Formica® Laminates, HardStop™ Panels are easily maintained and can be cleaned with mild dish soap and a soft sponge or cloth. 

✓ Ease of installation: Another area where HardStop™ Panels really stand out is their ease of installation. Because they can be adhered directly to the drywall, there’s very little prep work needed and they are suitable for many different settings. Watch the full installation video.

✓ Available in all Formica® Brand colors: HardStop™ Panels are available in the full range of Formica® Brand colors, and since all our products are color coordinated, you can be assured that HardStop™ Panels will pair perfectly with other Formica® Brand products specified in your next project!

When it comes to wall protection, HardStop™ Decorative Protection Panels check all the boxes.

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