Formica<sup>®</sup> Solid Surfacing Beautifies Home Spaces

Everform® Solid Surface Beautifies Home Spaces

With its durability, seamless look and hygienic attributes, this stunning surfacing option has truly come into its own.

The use of solid surfacing for countertops, bathroom vanities and other creative applications has become a staple in home design. The great thing about this option is that when installed, the seams are invisible, which not only looks beautiful but also eliminates gaps and grout that harbor germs and bacteria. 

High Style

Everform® Solid Surface comes in many colors and designs, including solids, optical solid patterns and natural stone looks—without the expense and upkeep! These fresh choices bring your home’s unique aesthetic to life and can be paired with complementary Formica® Laminate colors to create the look you want.

Durability and Cleanliness

Solid surfacing is designed for extended use and isn’t prone to cracks, chips or breaks. In fact, it’s both heat-resistant and stain-resistant—something homeowners love to hear!

Additionally, the surface is nonporous and hygienic. This means it doesn’t require sealing like granite, stone or wood, all of which must be treated regularly to prevent stains and bacterial growth.

Renewable and Repairable

Even with the built-in advantages inherent to solid surfaces, life happens—and sometimes countertops need a little extra love. Luckily Everform® Solid Surface is renewable, meaning scratches can be sanded out, and repairable, meaning damaged areas can be “patched.” Learn how to remove scratches from Everform® Solid Surface.

Design and Edge Options

With color that goes all the way through, Everform® Solid Surface can be customized to make your countertop one of a kind. As with granite or other stone surfaces, professionals can carve solid surfacing countertops to achieve a number of stylish edging options, including bevel, ogee, bullnose and other variations.

Professionals can also inlay other materials, like tile or even other solid surfacing colors, to give the solid surfacing piece a custom look.

Applications of Everform® Solid Surface

This versatile surfacing option can be formed into a variety of useful, stylish design applications for use throughout the home:

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Laundry room countertops/tables
  • Bar top
  • Tabletops
  • Worktables/desk tops

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