The Top Five Applications for ColorCore®2 Compact  

ColorCore®2 Compact brings remarkable strength and design appeal to a variety of applications commonly found in hospitality, retail, healthcare, education and corporate environments. This two-sided structural laminate boasts color all the way through to eliminate the brown edge seams commonly found with laminate—and up the ante for style.

1. Tabletops

Bring durability and performance to high-use tables in common areas that need to stand the test of time for both strength and beauty.

Table top with laptop 8814 Denim Twill ColorCore2 Compact

2. Restroom partitions

As a structural, two-sided laminate, ColorCore®2 Compact is ideal for establishing privacy while standing up to humidity and frequent cleanings.

Restroom partitions 6416 Charred Formwood 928 Mouse ColorCore2 Compact

3. Service counter partitions

With color that goes all the way through, these ColorCore®2 Compact partitions bring an element of style and functionality.

Trash countertop 928 Mouse ColorCore2 Compact

4. Seating areas

ColorCore®2 Compact is a robust surface that can easily do double duty as a low seating area or table.

Bench with glasess 969 Navy ColorCore2 Compact

5. Bar tops

Invite guests to linger a bit longer with durable bar tops that forgo brown seams and create a classic, easily maintained appearance.

Countertop with flowers 8918 Blackened Steel ColorCore2 Compact

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