A Glimpse into the Elegant World of DecoMetal® Laminates

This full-spectrum metal surfacing collection features trend-worthy metallics perfect for architectural commercial spaces. Learn about the different options.

With shimmer and shine, metal elements have long added beauty and intrigue to commercial spaces. From welcoming educational settings and relaxed healthcare design to eye-catching hospitality and corporate spaces, DecoMetal® brings the unexpected to vertical interior applications. Think walls, furniture, design fixtures, signage, exhibits and displays.

Solid Metals: The Real Deal

Technically speaking, DecoMetal® Solid Metals are solid aluminum sheets with polished-anodized or brushed lacquer finished surfaces. For the 2021 Formica® Specialty Collection, we’ve created several new printed solid metals for full-scale drama unlike anything Formica Group has previously offered.

These artistically printed sheets measure 4 feet by 8 feet and present stunning visuals enhanced by the base metal sheen for maximum impact. They are finished with a protective coating that gives them the durability needed for vertical installations.

The 2021 DecoMetal® Solid Metal Collection

Metal Laminates: Laminated Foil

These attractive selections feature copper or aluminum metal foil laminated to a phenolic core. The phenolic backing prevents creasing and allows for improved adhesion to substrates. They combine the practicality of high pressure laminate with the beauty of metal.

DecoMetal® Metal Laminates are available in a wide range of choices that include classic cool and trend warm tones. These options are available across a full design spectrum that includes matte, brushed, anodized, corrugated, mirrored, hammered, antiqued and polished versions for maximum creative flexibility.

The 2021 DecoMetal® Metal Laminate Collection

Brushed Finishes: Metal-Look HPL

These Formica® Laminate patterns in highly usable metallic hues offer a realistic linear brushed metal design paired with the reflective Brush (-BH) finish. The result is a highly durable HPL version of brushed metal ideal for vertical millwork and cabinetry as well as hardworking surfaces such as horizontal tables and countertops.

The 2021 DecoMetal® Brushed Finish Collection

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